When A Night Stalker Rambles …

me profileI am an avid stargazer since 1984. Only as recent as 2011 did I start to venture into the wild wild world of astrophotography.

An active speaker for numerous astronomy outreach programs in Malaysia, I am also an IT programmer and system developer by profession.

I am also the founder of Malaysia’s first Astronomy portal, Falak Online, established in 1999.

Driven by the love of tinkering with technology, I’ve setup my personal observatory, fondly called as ShahGazer Observatory (SGO), on my rooftop. The sky here isn’t the best, I have to endure the blinding glow from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, some 20km away, but it does gave me opportunities to experiment and learn about automated image acquisitions and image processing (during rainy days).

I loved chasing Solar Eclipses. The fever sunk in when I witnessed my first-ever solar eclipse in Turkey (2006). Later, I found myself travelling around the world, like Indonesia (2009), China (2009), Australia (2012 and 2013).

This site, ShahGazer AstroPhotography shahgazer.net will showcase some of my favourite rendering of celestial objects and phenomena. It may also act as my work portfolio for those interested to know more about my adventure in astrophotography. Other than that I would simply rambling to myself about astronomy stuffs, just to let off steam the geek in me!

I will be transferring most of articles dan ramblings in my old blogspot site at astronomytechnology.blogspot.com into this new site. My Google+ page, Facebook and Twitter, will remain as my social site.

This page is also dedicated to all my fellow stargazers, my loving and understanding wife and 4 kids. As well as to my late Mum, who passed away when I was in China for the solar eclipse in 2009. Al-Fatihah.

My passion will be shared to all. It may not be up to the standard as compared to the rest of the world renown astrophotographers, but I am willing to learn and continue learning for years to come. I am forever grateful for all the comments, tips and advice.

So let there be clear skies!

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